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Reference Sheet: Yannik Ulberg

Soldier Yannik Ulberg; experiment # DRAC-M-#002

Personal information:

Name: Yannik Ulberg
Age: biologically 5, mentally + physically teenager
Nationality: Norwegian
Species: artificially created creature; dragon bases with added human genes
Height: 1,77 meters
Military rank: successful airforce Lieutenant

Project DRAC-M-# 00X

Futuristic Norway has declared war against Sweden as Norways ressources ran short. Very advanced in genetic engineering, Norway started to create supernatural mutants to fight the war for them.
Many different experiments have been started since then, every experiment with different sets of skills, for whatever use they were made for.

The professors had recently experimented on mutants that were harvesting their powers out of pure elements - such as water, fire, earth and electricity. But except for special abilities relating those elements, the mutants themselves rather were weak alltogether. No musclepower, often times no special abilities without special equipment. It was not quite enough for the humans. Thus, the experiments to revive a Draconis - a dragon - started soon. With extracted DNA of a dragon bone, they used a artificially created human and added greendragon genes in order to alter the DNA structure - with a huge success.
Soon, DRAC-M-#001 was born - namely Enrik Ulberg.
The development of the young human-dragon was quite the success. His nature was rather calm and easily trainable. His body showed great potential for strength and endurance, his dragon-form was also really promising. As one of the first successful greater experiments early in the war, it was only natural to try and create more like Enrik Ulberg.
Soon the experiments went on. The human body adapted and accepted the dragon genes quite well, since the dragon genes were stronger and just integrated themselves well. What would happen, if the basis was a dragon and not a human? Thus, they changed their formular into an artificial created reddragon, then added human genes to balance it out. But instead of the human DNA integrating well into the given structure, the dragon body started to refuse the human infestation, rejecting the human genes interfering. Luckily, the professors were able to save the experiment. In the end, the dragon baby had no choice but to accept the human DNA infiltrating the structure. All what was left of this incident were mismatching eyes and scars on the face, especially around the horns. The body was not able to distinguish human form and dragon form.

And thus, DRAC-M-#002, Yannik Ulberg, was created. The Ulberg-brothers were planned to become Lieutenants, since they seemed quite too strong if given the power of being Colonels, but depending on their behaviour, higher ranks could be achievable.

Background Story

Futuristic Norway has declared war against Sweden as Norways ressources ran short. Very advanced in genetic engineering, Norway started to create supernatural mutants to fight the war for them.

- Info coming soon


Hotheaded, stubborn, violent, can be quite laid-back and chilled, braggy, very selfconfident, energetic.

His aggressive and impulsive nature find their root from his breed. Reddragons were known to be the more violent and aggressive species beneath dragons. Nonetheless, when Yannik was still young, he was rather just like every tipical boy in a young age. He liked to explore, to break things, being cheeky - just a little rascal. His big brother Enrik always watched over him and taught him how to be a dragon. In fact - he taught him pretty much everything as their foster parents weren't really fond of them. Yannik looked up to his big brother, who was way stronger and bigger than him, and Enrik loved his brother back as he took care of him.

This bond broke once Enrik had been taken away from the family to start military school. It broke Yanniks heart to have Enrik leave him behing - especially since it was very abrupt and Enrik never had warned him about him. During this time, with no person to really talk to, Yannik developed his stubborn and recalcitrant behaviour. He rebelled against his parents, developed a very deep fascination with his fire powers, and often times ended up being punished for his actions.

Once Yannik entered the military school as well, he entered with high expectatons. He hoped to see his brother again and hear an acceptable apology of his big brother leaving him behind like that. All that he got was expectations thrown AT HIM, since Enrik before him mastered the school qith quite an impressive success. Thus the training Colonels there had high hopes in the second Ulberg, who was nothing like his calmer counterpart. After a while of rebellious behaviour against those strict ways in war, and several punishments, Yannik learned to behave the hard way. The scar on his left eye was one of those punishments. Nonetheless did he respect the human leaders, and in fact, he enjoyed the training quite much as he was finally allowed to use his strength, to move around and to show what he can do.
Something he got quite bitter about was his ugly scars and his different eye on his right side of the face. Those relicts of his creation never bothered him much until he started to get rediculed and bullied for it. It was then that he started to hide it - and instead, he acted prouder than ever. He boosted his own selfconfident in order to deal with the shit everyone gave him, though those scars stayed a weakpoint forever. Still, he was more likely to punch someone right into their face for mentioning it, instead of sulking over it.

Soon he had quite a reputation around his training camp. Noone dared to face him as he was quite strong, and once he learned how to behave, he was quite the popular student and soldier. Still it was impossible to live up to their expectations since no matter what he did, Enrik seemed to have been better at everything.
Then, when he finally met Enrik again in one of his first missions, he had the highest expectations of his oh-so-perfect brother. Enrik never had done a single thing wrong, as it seemed. It were just him, Enrik and a Colonel to lead them. But one night Yanniks rebellious behaviour got them in danger - and the leading Colonel almost straight up shot Yannik for disobeying. Enrik saved him by taking actions and killing the Colonel instead - making himself a traitor. Yannik could not believe that the oh-so-perfect Enrik, who was the reason Yan seemed to be never good enough, would just kill his leader like that. No matter if it was Yannik would have died instead or not.
His picture shattered and from that point on, he had not a little bit of respect left for Enrik. He despised him and he almost even snitched on him to get him punished or killed, but in the end he did not.

Since then, his respect was rather held low for anyone. He still did not make much trouble, as he now had the goal to surpas his not-so-perfect brother. Thus, other soldiers rather see him as a braggy asshole, who does not take shit from anybody. He is proud of his own work and strength, and will shove it into anyones face. And if anyone doubted him, they always got a taste of it.

Though, Yannik is not all cold as stone. Once he gets to know someone a little bit better, he shows his more relaxed and laid-back nature. He is easy to be bros with, as long as one can stand his selfconfidence, his bragging and sometimes his violent nature. If someone can handle a rougher treatment, then he is rather easy to work with. He can take a joke on himself, and he shows high interest in spending time with someone. His strict reputation always made him seem like a loner, but actually he is interested in having friends.

As a lover, Yannik is really passionate. Once his feelings have bloomed, he almost can't get enough of his partner. He is quite attached to his partner, shows unusual chilled behaviour for most circumstances, he craves intimacy, whether its cuddling or sex. He's open about tabu topics, is very experimental in bed, and always tries to have his partner engaged in his hobbies. He loves to take people flying with him, or to have small battles with them (though one always needs to be careful as Yannik tends to forget boundaries between fights between friends and enemies). All in all, his teeny-side shows badly, having tendencies to act cheesy or childish.


Aleksi Westgard:
Info coming soon

Enrik Ulberg:
Info coming soon

Soren Borsheim:
Info coming soon

The Skibjorn brothers:
Info coming soon

Caezar Nordmark:
Info coming soon

Coming soon

The norwegian army:
Coming soon

Skills + Trivia

- coming soon

--- Alternative Universe: Peaceful Norway ---


After only a few years, the war had already ended. Now living in peace, our characters meet different fates - some having served in war for a while, some not at all.
Rest coming soon

In cooperation with  :iconzelendur:




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Reference: Aettchen 2014 by Zelendur



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